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A river of tears have fallen
One by one from thine eyes
Awaiting so patient for love
Thou it never doeth arrive.

Bittersweet are my dreams
Of one day love to overflow
And someone’s heart for me
Unfolds like petals of a rose.

Much love I have yet to share
With one God chooses for me
So steadfast I cling to my hope
And faith God is taking the lead.

For now I only have a dream
And prayer sent high on winds
Carried on wings a tearful plea
To be lovDia37ed that knows no end.


Written By:
©Trista Stilley
Used with Trista’s

Veröffentlicht 20 November 2015 von jasmindamaro in Zitat

2 Antworten zu “bitter

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  1. Beautiful poem! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    Gefällt mir

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