Minted. + West Elm (studio news that made me dance – literally)   2 comments

herzliche gruesse an dich von jasmin damaro

Emily Jeffords, First Place winner of the Minted + West Elm Fine Art Contest

I am so excited about some news coming out of my studio this week:

A few weeks ago I entered a big art contest held by Minted. + West Elm; submitting 6 landscapes to a fine art challenge and just, really, hoped for the best.  …after all, this is kind of too good to be true, and my odds were SO slim (guys, there were so so so many amazing entrees).

…But I wanted this.  I wanted it bad.  A chance to offer my artwork on, in West Elm Stores, and on  Ugh… how could I not think about it!?

Eventually my (eternal) wait was over and I found out that I won.  I WON!  You guys, I won FIRST PLACE!  You should have seen my face.  I really wanted to dance and yell all at once, but I was on a very professional conference call and didn’t…

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  1. Schöne gemahlte Bilder. 🙂

    Gefällt mir

  2. Bloody well done!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs my talented friend!!! 🙂


    Gefällt mir

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